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Arabic poetry....
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Author:  Lazavanti [ Mon Jan 19, 2009 10:26 pm ]
Post subject:  Arabic poetry....

I don't have any linx for this-but was listening to the Nebraska Public Radio where an Arabic woman (about my age of 53), highly educated and forced world traveler who had just written a gorgeous book-was being interviewed about her childhood memories. They have coagulated into characters that address current events.

I was at work-so multi-mistasking,
but one of the things that I caught was how Arabic children by the age of eight, were able to recite reams of peotry. (some of us older ones remember that was part of our education, to memorize a poem and recite it in front of the class....)

She recounted a childhood memory of how the argument of water rights over a well access was resolved. The two different tribes would gather...and place their best poets on rocks to have a poetry contest. Whoever won, got to water their camels and people first. She make an observation about it's possible relativity for rapping.

Now, she also described how her father would go ballastic that the Arab man was NOT poetic-and it moved my heart to hear her girl stories about the embedded aspects of poetry, into the hearts of children-to be kept safe for many years. She's been moved, bombed, and parted from her Kuwaiti home....but the poetry keeps on moving her soul. It is metered love,
it was really a nice journey.

Sorry I can't tell you here name-for she is published and delightful and apolitical.
I'll take better notes next time.
Poetry is so important,

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